I was born in northern Germany to a family of electricians. That is why I don't feel so far off the beaten track after all- I am still working with light and energy!

So what happened?

I trained as a Physiotherapist and Naturopath. On that journey I learned about energy flow, Meridian Massage and such things. My first bright light went on after my Reiki course over 30 years ago.

When I applauded my Reiki master what a wonderful modality it was and described some of the stories that happened, he explained to me that what I am experiencing it not just the Reiki. It is a gift I didn't know I had. Hmm.

(This would explain, why my mother saw flames coming out of my hands when I was 8 years old. My aunt told me this years after my mothers death. My mother never told me, she normally doesn't “see” anything and was scared and confused about this.)

I assisted for 6 years in week long spiritual retreats in Germany. At the beginning of this journey, at 23 years of age, I had a profound spiritual awakening. It was then that I started intuitive writing. At first I thought the words were for my own learning and guidance, but soon understood that others benefited just as much as I did. The book "Also ist es doch wahr- Alles Leben is von Liebenden Haenden getragen"(German language) entstand. ("So it is true after all- All Life is held in Loving Hands"). I hope the English version will be ready in May 2014.

I am still trying to find other ways of making these writings accessible  (please click “Words” ).

Life took a new turn, when I met and married Graham and migrated to Australia. Graham is a sculptor ( www.grahamradcliffe.com ) and we decided to live in Italy, close to the marble, for 6 years. During this time, travelling backwards and forwards between Italy and Australia, we began to create our Phoenix Sculpture Garden on Mount Glorious, where we live now. Graham had the vision to create a place, where Nature and Art combine and visitors can experience the qualities of Beauty and Peace, recalibrate, refill and leave enriched.

So this place exists now. A bit of heaven on earth, really.

Jonny joined us in this adventure. Just as well he was very happy with his own company, because visiting a friend would mean at least an hours drive... Jonny went to our (relatively) local Steiner School and now moved on and out to study in Brisbane. 

Amongst all these happenings I was able to work with clients wherever I lived, be it in Germany, Italy or Australia. Apart from the Healing/Massage sessions, I held meditation groups and talks and gave Healing Hands workshops. 

My newest and very exciting adventure started when listening to Bruce Lipton's lectures about how changing of Beliefs can change your Body. And he mentioned, that PSYCH K is a modality which can do just that. I was intrigued. After intense studies and workshops, I found powerful new ways to heal, change and enrich my life and that of others. I am still trying to find the limits of what is possible!