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A must read: “Cancer- why we are still dying to know the Truth” - by Phillip Day - Website - Battle Plan - Review


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The amounts of D-3 quoted in the article are still way below what is required therapeutically to modify serum concentration. This is owned up to in the article. 10,000 IU/day for an adult female for a month and 15,000 IU/day of D-3 for an adult male for a month is required to assist in attaining an optimal serum concentration of D-3 . Then 4,000 and 5,000 IU/day of D-3 respectively may be taken thereafter to maintain. People are encouraged to get a 25 (OH) D test from their GP to verify serum concentration. The target is 150 nmol/L. Foods and fish oils are traditionally too low in D-3 to effect a meaningful change to D serum concentration. Sunlight is best, then D-3 supplementation. Probiotics and plant-fats are recommended to assist in absorption of D-3. My booklet, The Essential Guide to Vitamin D, has all the details.

Phillip Day