Benefits of a cold shower

-Strengthening of the immune system
-Improved circulation
-Relief of symptoms of depression
-Healthy and radiant skin
-Increase in energy
-Increased Lymphatic flow (waste disposal)
-Decrease inflammation
-Better sleep
-Deep breathing
-Clarity of mind

Additional Benefit:

Many years ago I heard, that cold water washes foreign energies out of your aura (yes, I can see my son rolling his eyes if he ever reads this), whereas hot water makes them cling to your system.
So after a long day at work, meeting a lot of people, having had stressful encounters, having bad dreams, it is advisable to have a shower, beginning with cold water (especially over the back of your neck). Then you can wash with warm water. Always finish with cold.
I can't prove it to you, but it works for me.
I have done it for decades every time I have a shower. In fact it would feel like a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to feel great, if I didn't do it.