Creativity/ Authentic Self Expression

The body experiences stress (please watch stress and wellness video clip!), when we don't have a means for Authentic Self Expression---when we don't live ourself honestly and freely.

Please read it again.

The body experiences stress, when we don't have a means for Authentic Self Expression - when we don't live ourself honestly and freely.

Now there is a thing! Where in our modern world do we have a chance for being who we really are? For expressing what is in me – no breaks on?

For myself, I sing in a wonderful choir, dance “5 Rhythms” (a free, meditative dance practice), do some gardening ( have a look at our garden – most of it is my husband's work though ), knit and had a go at spinning and weaving and dapple a bit on the piano. I even tried a bit of blacksmithing!

You might just think this is pure indulgence, but modern research is on my side:

Any of such activity has huge health benefits for body, mind and spirit!

When you feel stuck in an emotion next time- you might feel fragile, frustrated, angry, or your heart might burst with love and delight -whatever it might be- turn on the music and start to move. Nobody is watching. Stick with it, show up for your own dance. Things will shift. Trust me on that one.

Or sing!( In the car- and let people look at you strangely when they stand beside you at a red traffic light!)

Of course there is Painting. And Writing. Poetry- the forgotten art. And remember- this is not about creating something wonderful for the world to see (although it might turn out that way)- it is purely for you!