You wouldn't believe the many positive effects on mind, body and soul!

Just talking physical effects: Through Meditation the pre frontal cortex is activated- the seat of higher thinking- and neurotransmitters like dopamine (antidepressant), serotonin (somehow to do with increased self-esteem), oxytocin (pleasure hormone), brain opiates (painkillers) are released. 

My son and I went to a Zen Meditation Class for a little while and the teacher said, that once you put your backside on the seat for meditation you have already won. It doesn't matter, if your mind rattles around. Just decide not to trott after every thought like a sheep and make up stories. Let them come and go and don't pay attention to them.

Please look around for meditation courses in our area to get a head start, or use guided meditations.

You can also try it with music with or without the use of brain wave technology, that entrains your brain to Alpha, Theta and Delta Waves. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation or some Yoga can be a helpful lead in.

You could also listen to the "Auditory Rescue Remedy" in "My Tools" to settle in to a meditation.

The average person could do with 20 min a day. If you are pretty stressed go for 30 min. And if you really haven’t got the time, you'd be wise to do an hour!