The most wonderful Freebie

Go to my husband's web site and watch any slide show on full screen. The works bring very powerful energies with them, and even just through a picture can awaken qualities you carry, that want to come alive and grow.

Breath deeply and close your eyes for a moment of collection.

Step 1. Now sit back and take in the sculptures.

When a particular piece “talks to you”, stop the slide show and contemplate on that piece. What is it that made you stop? What line, what emotion, what quality? Write it down.

Then reflect on that quality in you. Do you know it? Where in your life does it show itself? How can you let it grow and shine more? Write it down.

Print the picture, laminate it and put it on your wall. Expose yourself to the energy.

Sit down in a week and look back what has changed. How did you let this unearthed aspect shine? How do you feel? Did you allow someone else to receive/see that quality?

Do this for a few weeks, until this aspect is grounded. When you are ready go back to step 1.

And write to us what happens next!