Wean yourself off Wheat, Sugar and Dairy

The health benefits are too plentiful to write here. Please google. Especially, if you have a health condition now, like heart issues, arthritis, cancer and other system break downs.


Daily Mail - Health Article


One ice cream or yoghurt a day could hinder the survival of women with breast cancer, scientists say.

Those with the disease who eat a single portion daily of a product containing full-fat milk could be 50 per cent more likely to die.

US scientists suspect this is because milk and other dairy foods contain the hormone oestrogen, which encourages tumour growth.

There is already some evidence that diet plays a role in improving the chances of surviving cancer and preventing it returning. But this is the first study to show such a strong link between dairy products and breast cancer.


"Sweet Poison", by David Gillespie 


For Wheat information, google GMO Wheat, or Wheat and Health, something of that sort. Plenty of information available. A wonderful, nutty, healthy alternative is Spelt.