Weight Loss


Just out of interest I went to a talk on weight loss, curious because of a recent breakthrough for friends of mine.

And it was very solid information that made sense on all levels.


This weight problem can have many causes:

  • Toxins are stored in fat cells. The body has a life saving mechanism which stores away the toxins in fat cells to protect the rest of the organism. So after a normal attempt of weight loss, the body wants to gain weight again to protect itself from the raised toxin level. (this is addressed with a detox program)
  • The body has a certain weight programmed, so when you loose weight, it always wants to go back to the preprogrammed weight (the yo-yo effect). This is counteracted with a maintenance period, which anchors the achieved weight as the new optimum. 
  • When you normally go on a diet, the body realizes that there is scarcity- lack of nutrients- and holds on to anything it can as long as it can- out of self preservation. And it makes you feel hungry. (This is counteracted with Homoeopathy, a nutrient rich supplementation/diet and a very clever nutritional trick at the beginning of the diet- so no feeling of hunger!) All things things made so much sense when I heard them.
  • So I recommended it to a client of mine. Apart from her weight issue, she also took blood pressure medication and was on insulin for diabetes.
  • Within 6 weeks she was 13 kg lighter, off the blood pressure medication and off the insulin??!! And she said she never once felt hungry, and has an energy level, that she didn't have for many years. 6 months after the diet, holding her weight effordlessly, her doctor officially halved her Colesterol medication.
  • This sounds like a terrible scam. I am sorry about that - but it is true. If you or someone in your field of friends is interested in permanent, painless weight loss I can highly recommend it! 
  • Please call me to find out more.